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Hurricane Ike

2008-09-11 16:54:55 by Mr-Destruction

So we've got another one coming. As usual, everyone is freaking out and evacuating, gas stations are running out of fuel, grocery stores already out of water, traffic everywhere... and as usual I could give a fuck less. It's a very large hurricane this time. Cat 4,125mph+ winds, expecting it to hit Houston almost directly (where I live) ...bring it! These things always come and go, so it really doesn't bother me. I think it'll probably turn and go somewhere else, or just start to weaken once it plows the coast.

Who here thinks I'm going to eat my words and pay the price? Early saturday morning is the ETA of this storm, and I can't wait.


It got larger. They're ordering evacuations for everyone on the south east side of the city. I'm on the west, this is getting interesting.


Now 11 days after the storm, everything is fine nothing was damaged and my power is running. Still half the city has no power and it's pretty nice knowing that they're suffering while I'm here relaxing.

Hurricane Ike


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2008-09-11 16:56:30



2008-09-11 17:01:25

You're a dead man.


2008-09-11 17:03:16

dude your so dead go move NOW!!!!!!


2008-09-12 02:54:48

my Galveston home will be destoryed :(

Mr-Destruction responds:

You staying here like everybody else? It's going to be exciting!


2008-09-22 12:39:00

I'm sorry.

Mr-Destruction responds:

Thanks, but everything is just fine! The power was restored at my place last tuesday, (unlike the rest of the city) and the water also has plenty of pressure. Those were the two essentials, so I'm happy. Other people aren't so lucky though. Destroyed houses, cars, dead folks...oh well.