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Guitar Hero: World Tour

2008-10-10 15:45:17 by Mr-Destruction

Who else will be getting it? I sure as hell am, been waiting forever now!

I just pre-ordered it yesterday and of course I'll be catching the midnight release. Like a fool I already examined the set list, and goddamn it looks good. I have no idea how they even expect us to beat some of those songs! I don't care much for Rock Band and all it's drums and mic and crap, which is why I'll only be getting the game, in order to master my Guitar Hero power!!!

Here, if you want some spoilage look at this if you haven't already. ro_world_tour

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Guitar Hero: World Tour


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2008-10-25 19:07:40

I've never played Guitar Hero, I hear it's good though. I played Rock Band at a Best Buy and I couldn't get a single button right :(