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My new G1

2008-12-15 14:57:56 by Mr-Destruction

Is the shit. I love it.

My new G1

Guitar Hero: World Tour

2008-10-10 15:45:17 by Mr-Destruction

Who else will be getting it? I sure as hell am, been waiting forever now!

I just pre-ordered it yesterday and of course I'll be catching the midnight release. Like a fool I already examined the set list, and goddamn it looks good. I have no idea how they even expect us to beat some of those songs! I don't care much for Rock Band and all it's drums and mic and crap, which is why I'll only be getting the game, in order to master my Guitar Hero power!!!

Here, if you want some spoilage look at this if you haven't already. ro_world_tour

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Guitar Hero: World Tour

Hurricane Ike

2008-09-11 16:54:55 by Mr-Destruction

So we've got another one coming. As usual, everyone is freaking out and evacuating, gas stations are running out of fuel, grocery stores already out of water, traffic everywhere... and as usual I could give a fuck less. It's a very large hurricane this time. Cat 4,125mph+ winds, expecting it to hit Houston almost directly (where I live) ...bring it! These things always come and go, so it really doesn't bother me. I think it'll probably turn and go somewhere else, or just start to weaken once it plows the coast.

Who here thinks I'm going to eat my words and pay the price? Early saturday morning is the ETA of this storm, and I can't wait.


It got larger. They're ordering evacuations for everyone on the south east side of the city. I'm on the west, this is getting interesting.


Now 11 days after the storm, everything is fine nothing was damaged and my power is running. Still half the city has no power and it's pretty nice knowing that they're suffering while I'm here relaxing.

Hurricane Ike


2008-06-10 15:52:14 by Mr-Destruction


So I wanted to say

2007-12-09 10:10:44 by Mr-Destruction

I really want...

A fully automatic rocket launcher that shoots chainsaws, except it has katanas where the blades should be, and when it hits something it sets off a massive nuclear explosion destroying everything and leaving cancerous radiation throughout a radius of OVER 9000 miles; it'll never happen.

But it is okay. Because I can fly.